Temple for the worship Of

Maa Tara

Temple for the worship Of "Maa Tara"

Maa Neela Swaraswati: The Divine Mother Of Knowledge And Understanding

Maa Tara As Maa Neela Swaraswati Is The Divine Mother Of The Secret Knowledge Of the universe. The Divine Mother Maa Tara, As Maa Neela Swaraswati Is Also Revered As A Fierce Manifestation Of Maa Maha Saraswati. 

Maa Neela Swaraswati Is Depicted With Shining Blue Complexion, Symbolizing spiritual transcendence, And Four Divine Hands, Each Holding A Sword, a skull, A Shear, And A Lotus. With A Protruding Tongue, Maa Neela Swaraswati Is Depicted Standing On Top Of lord shiva or on corpses on a burning pyre, Surrounded by jackals and human bones.

As The Divine Mother Of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Arts, Maa Neela Swaraswati Embodies The Power Of The Word That Pierces Through the darkness of ignorance. Maa Neela Swaraswati Bestows immense knowledge, reasoning powers, and “vidya vriddhi” (growth in learning) upon Her deserving devotees. Maa Neela Swaraswati’s Blessings Guide Her deserving devotees towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.






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Maa Neela Swaraswati, The Divine Form Of Maa Tara